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Crop Research Institute - Czech Republic

For PPV's : diagnostic assays, epidemiology, characterization of isolates, host range, dissemination in agro- and forest-ecosystems, sources of resistance and identification of molecular markers in Apricot

The Crop Research Institute (CRI) is the successor of the Research Institute of Crop Production (RICP) which was transformed into a public research institution on 1st January 2007.

CRI has dealt with research on PPV for more than twenty years. The research has been focused on development of diagnostic assays for PPV, studies on epidemiology of PPV, characterization of PPV isolates, host range of PPV, dissemination of PPV in agro- and forest-ecosystems, sources of resistance to PPV in apricot and identification of molecular markers linked to PPV resistance in apricot.

Key persons involved

  • Associated Prof. Jaroslav POLÁK
    Responsible for epidemiological studies on PPV, distribution of PPV strains, evaluation of potential sources of resistance to PPV and risk management (WPA1, WPA2, WPE3).

  • Dr. Petr KOMÍNEK
    Specialized in molecular characterization of PPV isolates and distribution of the PPV-Rec strain (WPE1).

  • Dr. Jaroslav SALAVA
    In charge of validation of molecular markers linked resistance to PPV in apricot (WPG1).


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  • Polák J.: Distribution of Plum pox virus in the Czech Republic. Plant Protect. Sci., 38, 2002, pp. 98-102.

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  • Salava J., Polák J., Krška B.: Oligogenic inheritance of resistance to Plum pox virus in apricot. Czech J. Genet. Plant Breed. 41 (4), 2005, pp. 167-170.

Material resources

CRI possesses :

- facilities for detection of PPV by ELISA and PCR (including real-time PCR)

- facilities for analysis of viral RNA

- facilities for validation of SSR markers associated with resistance to PPV

- collection of PPV strains and isolates

- several apricot progenies segregating for resistance to PPV and collection of Prunus species

- quarantine greenhouse (for experiments with PPV), screenhouses, cold chamber, electron microscope