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SAVBA, Institute of Virology - Slovakia

Study of molecular variability, epidemiology and detection of potyviruses, especially Plum pox virus

The Department of Plant Virology, founded in 1953, is a part of the Institute of Virology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, public basic research institute. We are the only laboratory dealing with the basic resarch in the field of plant virology in Slovakia. The main current topics include the study of molecular variability, epidemiology and detection of potyviruses, especially Plum pox virus. Several national and bilateral projects have been succesfully managed by the research team in the last years. The Department has a close contact to agricultural research institutes, fruit breeders and nurseries.

Key persons involved

  • Dr Miroslav GLASA, PhD.
    Scientist specialised in molecular biology, pathogen diagnosis, plant pathology end epidemiology of fruit tree viruses, leader of several national projects

  • Dr Zdeno ŠUBR, PhD.
    Scientist specialised in immunology and biochemistry, having experience with transgene construction

  • Dr Otakar KUDELA, PhD.
    Senior scientist, national expert for GMO, experience in virus diagnosis

  • Dr Slavomíra NOVAKOVA, PhD.
    Young scientist, specialised in molecular biology and biochemistryCommon field of expertise: molecular biology, immunology, plant pathology


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  • Glasa M, Paunovic S, Jevremovic D, Myrta A, Pittnerová S, Candresse T (2005): Analysis of recombinant Plum pox virus (PPV) isolates from Serbia confirms genetic homogeneity and supports a regional origin for the PPV-Rec subgroup. Archives of Virology 150, 2051–2060

  • Glasa M, Palkovics L, Komínek P, Labonne G, Pittnerová S, Kúdela O, Candresse T, Šubr Z (2004): Geographically and temporally distant natural recombinant isolates of Plum pox virus (PPV) are genetically very similar and form a unique PPV subgroup. Journal of General Virology 85, 2671-2681

  • Šubr Z, Pittnerova S, Glasa M (2004): A simplified RT-PCR-based detection of recombinant Plum pox virus isolates. Acta Virologica 48, 173-176

  • Glasa M, Marie-Jeanne V, Labonne G, Šubr Z, Kudela O, Quiot JB (2002): A natural population of recombinant Plum pox virus is stable and competitive under field conditions. European Journal of Plant Pathology 108, 843 – 853.

Material resources

All standard laboratory, technical and computer facilities are in disposal (including greenhouse, controlled insect-proof culture chamber, biohazard boxes). Facilities and equipment of the Department are registered for use of genetic technologies and GMO (approved by Slovak Ministry of the Environment).