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Università degli Studi di Milano - Italy

Devoted to agricultural sciences with multidisciplinary expertise in plant production an food analysis and environment pollution

DIPROVE is a department belonging to the Faculty of Agronomy (University of Milan, Italy), devoted to agricultural sciences with multidisciplinary expertise in plant production an food analysis and environment pollution. More than 30 research scientists and 15 post-graduate trainees are involved in projects related to: plant biochemistry and physiology; plant breeding, genetics and genomics; agronomy and modelling (relations between plant and climate); water, soil, fertilizers and growing media; food composition (additives, etc.).

There is an ongoing close cooperation with the scientific park (PTP: http://en.tecnoparco.org/) of Lodi (south of Milan) and the Department of Fruit Tree and Woody Plant Sciences (University of Bologna: http://www.agrsci.unibo.it/dicabo/versione_inglese/ind_inglese.htm).

Key persons involved

  • Prof Daniele BASSI
    Pomologist and stone fruit breeder.
    He is in charge for the apricot and peach breeding programmes in a joint project between the universities of Milano and Bologna. He has been working for over 25 years on improving horticultural and disease resistance traits, other than fruit quality, releasing several new cultivars.

  • Dott. Geuna Filippo
    Molecular biologist, experienced in all fields of molecular tools applied to plants, with particular interest on grape, olive and fruit trees.

  • Post-doc position -to be hired-


  • Geuna F., Banfi R. e Bassi D. 2005. Identification and characterization of transcripts differentially expressed during development of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) fruits. Tree Genetics and Genomes 1(2):69-78.

  • Morgutti, N. Negrini, F.F. Nocito, A. Ghiani, D. Bassi, M. Cocucci. 2006. Changes in endopolygalacturonase levels and characterization of a putative endo-PG gene during fruit softening in peach genotypes with nonmelting flesh and melting flesh fruit phenotypes. New Phytologist 171: 315-328.

  • Geuna F., Bassi D., Failla O. and Mignani I. 2006 Use of morphological and AFLP markers to assess possible synonymy between apricot accessions. Acta Hort. 701/1:215-218.

  • Taamalli W., Geuna F., Banfi R., Bassi D., Daoud D. and Zarrouk M. 2006. Agronomic and molecular analyses for the characterisation of accessions in Tunisian olive germplasm collections. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 9 (5), October 15: (ISSN: 0717-3458)

  • Dondini, L. Lain, O. Geuna F., Banfi R., Gaiotti F., Tartarini S., Bassi D. and Testolin R. 2006. Development of a new SSR-based linkage map in apricot and analysis of synteny with existing Prunus maps. Tree Genetics and Genome 3:239-249

Material resources

- Facilities for apricot and peach breeding programmes, including 10 ha. of experimental orchards and 2000 m2 of greenhouses and screenhouses, in cooperation with the University of Bologna;

- Full access to the PTP genomics platform for automation and high-throughput analysis in the field of genomics: automated purification of nucleic acids; genotyping by molecular markers of animal, plant and microbial samples; real-time quantitative gene expression analysis; development and fine-tuning of diagnostic kits for the food and agricultural sectors.