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Other European initiatives

Synergy with other European initiatives

Project FP6-ENDURE

European project Endure

ENDURE network's objectives are to define research priorities on pest control and reduction at the European level, to gather knowledge, facilities and human resources according to the needs of agricultural extension, industry, and the non-profit sector and become a source of reference satisfying farmer needs and societal expectations. If appropriate, ENDURE members are expected to advise us on European agricultural extension, farmer needs and feedbacks on research on aphids control would be welcome. ENDURE coordinator belongs to the same organisation as SharCo coordinator, INRA.

Contact : Pierre Ricci, INRA Sophia-Antipolis

Website : www.endure-network.eu


European project Pratique

This project is intended to develop sustainable, integrated plant health management strategies and enhance effective policy and decision-making by better assessing and managing plant health risks. Close collaboration with PRATIQUE network is expected to help us to develop sustainable PPV management strategies with integrated technical support for policy development in the case of emergency situations/PPV outbreaks. Coordinator : CSL, UK.

Contact in France : Alain Roques, INRA Orléans

Website: secure.csl.gov.uk/pratique/index.cfm

Project ResistVir (coordinated by INRA Avignon)

European project ResistVir

It aims to improve coordination of research on genetic resistance to plant pathogenic viruses and vectors in European crops. The main long-term goal is to provide a vision of European excellence while linking the stakeholders involved in the development and sustainable use of genetic resistance as a tool to improve food quality and safety. This will ultimately result in new sources and mechanisms of sustainable resistance to plant viruses and vectors, being used in conventional and GM crops, and in decreased pesticide usage. Several research groups are involved both in SharCo and ResistVir.

Contact : Carole Caranta, INRA Avignon

The ResistVir web site and database of European research activities on resistance to viruses in plants : www.resistvir-db.org



The main objective of this COST Action is to strengthen existing networks, in order to develop suitable, efficient and cost-effective methods for reactive and proactive response to viral diseases of plants for a sustainable agriculture.

Contact: Voloudakis Andreas, Agricultural University of Athens

Website: http://costfa0806.aua.gr/