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Workpackage interdependencies


• WPE.1 provides WPA.1 with data and PPV arrays necessary to develop early warning systems
• WPE.1 enables specification of epidemiology models
• WPE.2 and WPE.3 will be used to mutually assess and refine outbreak mechanisms
• WPG.2 diversifies PPV resistance sources and/or mechanisms for breeding programmes (WPG.1)
• Epidemiology Pillar and Genetic Pillar workpackages each other assess and refine.
• Diversity of pathogens (WPE.1) will be assess against diveristy of resistance mechanisms (WPG.1 and WPG.2)
• WPG.1 provides WPA.1 and WPA.2 respectively with resistant materials and phenotyping methods.
• WPE.1, WPE.2, and WPE.3 provide WPA.1 with risk management methods.